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Calm Parenting Will Teach You...

Calm Parenting: Learn How to Stop Yelling is a self-paced, guilt-free, no-judgment online course to help you become the playful, happy parent that you want to get back to being.

With the material in this course, you'll be able to think on your feet when struggles happen, and not just react by yelling... because you know by now, yelling simply doesn't work.

This journey is one of self-discovery.

You're going to learn that it's less about what your kids are doing... and more about how you respond. You'll discover your triggers (and not just what you *think* makes you angry,) most of which are deeply rooted from your childhood and your past.

This class is going to help you work on yourself first, and because of this, will make everything else better.

Being a calm parent is about finding the root of your anger, applying the skills you'll gain in the class to handle struggles, and work towards more connection and happiness in your role as a woman, a Mother, and as a whole person.